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It’s a daily affair to cross borders in Street and Urban Art Scene.
Artists move naturally in Europe and around the world.
They count less on official financial support as on an international network of artists and activists.

That type of exchange is focussed in the exhibition Walls, Trains & Vagabonds which invites artists and curators :

Blazej Rusin
(Ukraine), Alessandra Ioalé (Italy), Eric Vogel (Germany), Wanderlust Social Club (France and Belgium) and Jens Besser (Germany) to come to Dresden.


Hole of Fame widens the series "Accomplacies" by the project "Across Borders". Therefore the networking of artists is pursued - artists whom borders block opportunities for exhibitions and cooperations or artists working across border anyway.
The series researches for answers about the questions "whether" and "how" intellectual and real existent borders due to artistic work are crossed and how to go abroad the networks resulting out of this practice.


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